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We are doctors and the biggest company in bulgaria working since 2006 and we have more than 1500 students. We are not like the other consultants who have their offices in our home country and doing everything while sitting on a chair and giving you advices from far away. We are doctors who have studied in the university that you will study and have had all the experiences that you will start to have soon . While studying at the university , we realized that so many of you are getting troubles after you arrive , your consultants bring you here and in a week time they leave , then you are by your own in a foreign country far away from your families , friends , relatives . The biggest difference between us and the other agencies is that, we are not working as agencies! we are one of you and here with you whenever you need any help! Because we let you to feel like you arent in foreign country. Frankly, we are your family here than being your consultant . We are your advisors than your mail answerer . We are there , next to you anytime you need .


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Why Choose Us?

There are many good reasons to apply through us, here are some of them :

Reason 1

We are the only company giving free consultation and all the TRUE information that you need before you make your application. Plus, we are the chepaest company.

Reason 2

We are the only company who is located in the city of the university which makes us to be next to you whenever you need and whenever you encounter with any problems in a foreign country where you are far away from your family , relatives and friends.

Reason 3

We are the only company whose founders also studied medicine in the university you will study and are fully equiped with all the experiences / information at every step of you will do from the first moment of applying to uni untill you graduate..

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